Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Introduction to the blog

Hello world,
Starting 6 months late, but here I am trying to put down my experience as a game developer. I will start with my first game title, Toto Racer and I will be documenting everything which I can here in the hope that it will one day be beneficial to anyone who enters this journey. A lot of bloggers base their blogs on the financial well to do of their apps, but I will try to steer clear of that here.

I came up with the idea for Toto Racer 6 months back, and have truly given it everything in the hope of creating something worth people's time. When I started of, I had absolutely no clue as to how a game starts from a concept to a finished product on the app store. But here I am today, writing my blog while it's been almost a month since my game has gone live.

A couple of things to consider here are - I designed and created the entire game. But the coding part of the game was outsourced. Keep that in mind when you go through my posts. I will be trying to keep this up to date with anything & everything I think will be worth documenting.

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