Saturday, April 16, 2016

Growing a thick skin & airpush sdk headaches.

So you worked really hard on your game? You thought about it day and night, and finally came up with something you were sure would be loved all across the globe? But all that counts to nothing.

The thing is people have grown accustomed to games produced by big companies. It is very tough for a indie gamer to compete on terms of graphics and gameplay. So when you bring out your game, you have some tough competition. Especially in a genre like racing/endless games. In the first week, whenever there was someone commenting on how pathetic the graphics are and how much the gameplay is the worst they have ever seen, I would take each and every comment to heart, and start analysing the entire project. I even went as far as almost taking the game down. But slowly you grow a thick skin to that. Finally, not everyone is going to like your game, just like not everyone will like your clothes probably. A stupid comparison, but I think it gets the point across. You need to stay focussed in what is done, and probably learn from the comments people post. Since I am not getting some crazy number of downloads or comments, I have made it a habit to reply to each and every comment on the game, whether it be a 1 star or a 5 star. I think it helps, a bit. I didn't mind taking out 10 minutes in a day to do that. I mean, didn't the user take time out to comment on your work? I think that's the least I could do.

Although now I have a crazy issue. Google wants you to split the file and upload it if it is more than 50mb. I did that. But a lot of users complain about not being able to go past the loading stage. The scene just doesn't load. How about that? I have tried a lot of things, but it just won't go. The worse issue is, on every device I am checking, the game runs just fine. Teething issues these. Especially if you don't have a full time coder working for you. It almost seems that you are begging the guy to change it. To try to reach perfection. But since it is your baby, you are the only one who feels that.

I integrated google sdk for the advertisement. To say that I am getting extremely bad results for Asia would be an understatement. Pathetic as it may be, I am stuck with it for now. After searching for a bit, I thought if using the Airpush sdk for ads. But guess what, it just won't work. If you have a blank unity project, sure it will work just fine. But try integrating it will a project that is using google ( For leaderboard and etc), it will slowly kill you. It gives a DLL error and it is extremely frustrating. I got in touch with the airpush guys also, but after a point they seem least interested. They will keep on repeating what is written in their documentation.  It's either that or they simply don't have enough people to manage the tech issues. After spending a gruelling 10 days on it, today, I give up! It is not meant to be. I am utterly disappointed with having to give up on airpush because I genuinely thought that airpush would be good!

Alright then, tata for now. I will be back with more posts whining about how things just don't seem to work.  

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