Wednesday, April 6, 2016

About Toto Racer

A little about my game then. Toto Racer is a racing game which is set in real Indian streets. The basic concept of the game is to give a user a very local Indian experience. I took the old Bajaj scooters as my inspiration to bring a warm rustic feel to the entire game. The cows and trash on the road are pretty much part of actual Indian roads, and hence it helped me create obstacles for the game.

For this, I first selected 2 cities, and took videos of the actual routes of the cities. I then went on to use them as reference and create a 3d model of the entire route of the city. My environment consisted of all small streets shops which someone would expect to see in India. Each city has its own unique shops to showcase it's culture. I used Maya to create my environment, and then took it in unity3d.
My characters were pretty much defined. I wanted a cute character which people could start liking, and a badass cop.  I don't want to go too much on how all the assets were created, because I am 6 months too late for that! :)

You can find the game on -

Playstore :

Appstore :

Putting up the main poster, screenshots of the game & UI design. I am trying to keep this post short & sweet. My next post is going to be about all the marketing material I prepared for the game.

Game Screenshots :

UI Design :

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