Monday, April 11, 2016

First month into the world of game marketing

There are more than 200 or 300 games being released everyday. If your game gets a lot of downloads without any marketing, you are damn lucky. Or probably your game is absolutely amazing. But before starting my marketing all I was getting for 30 - 40 users a day. Beat that. So how do you go about it? I have read 100's of articles on this. Each site says more or less the same thing. And let me tell you, they aren't helpful at all. Not to say this post is going to be very helpful also. I will just jot down some random stuff I tried, which might or might not help you.

For android I posted it in numerous sites. xda forums, reddit and a couple more. I got a an okaish response in xda forums. It might be due to people not liking the game or that the site is more app related. Although I got some comments and stuff, I am not really sure how many members I converted into users. Here is the thing - None of the forums really helped me for my download count in the first week. Most of the review sites are paid. Yes, if you have a budget you could probably try it out, but for me, when I have no clue about the results I can get, spending 30-50$ was a bit much on it.

So I emailed a lot of guys (lot of time wasted). I got featured in a couple of local newspapers and stuff. And then I decided to take the leap and go for social media PAID marketing. Facebook man, facebook. I read a lot of stuff on how people have used it and about the general guidelines of it. I took my main poster for the game, which was the main screen of my game too, wrote a stingy headline - download now or something, and let it flow on facebook feed, instagram feed and facebook ad network. You can basically check where facebook showcased your ad and to how many people. My first 2 ads were major flops. After going through my ad results I understood my audience. They were basically 14-20. Targetting above 22 was almost a waste of money. I also understood that facebook ad network is a waste (for my game). It wasn't helping me at all.

I changed a lot of stuff. I targeted only India now (if you see the game you will understand why), my audience was 14-22 only, and the ad showed to ppl with wifi only. I changed my creative a put up a poster where it showed what the game is about. The ads were just going for mobile feed and instagram feed now. I removed download now from my header and just put up a small brief about my game. The results turned out much better. I got almost a 300% increase in downloads with the same amount of money being spent. After this I tried video ads for a couple of days. The video ad creative was my game trailer. It was a major letdown. Very few people actually took the time of seeing the video. I realised I just had one shot of converting the audience to users. And video ads weren't the thing for that. It had to be an attractive poster.

After my first month, my download count is 9k right now. Which is nothing great, but hey it's a start. Next post will probably be about the videos I created for my marketing! See ya!

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